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Video 5 things you didn't know about penises

pilot episode for 5 things you didn't know about...

Watch as British Museum staff give you the hidden history of the penis.

Find out more about Ancient Greek and Roman foreskins and the ideal look of the penis in antiquity in the article “The Ideal Prepuce in Ancient Greece and Rome: Male Genital Aesthetics and Their Relation to Lipodermos, Circumcision, Foreskin Restoration,
and the Kynodesme”:

You can read more about de-circumcision and Roman self-image in Ralph’s essay in Roman Bodies antiquity to the eighteenth century:

Here is a link to the British Museum’s condom:

Condoms at this time were associated with prostitutes and brothels; condoms in the Georgian period were designed to prevent disease rather than pregnancy. The print below, from 1749, shows a sailor hurling condoms and other identifiers of the prostitute’s trade from a window of a brothel on the Strand:

You can watch more of Jill Cook talking about Ice Age art on the British Museum’s YouTube channel here:

Fancy learning to read cuneiform yourself? Buy Jonathan’s book here: www.britishmuseumshoponline.or...

Learn more about ancient divination using all kinds of methods:

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