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Video STROKE Art Fair Munich

30 April - 04 Mai 2014
Spielzeit: 1:39
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Art, live paintings, and parties in Bavarian capital

This weekend, Munich-Praterinsel is the place to be. STROKE Art Fair takes place for the tenth time in five years. The unconventional art fair presents the latest impressions of a young and international art scene which too often goes unnoticed: Urban Art. Not taken seriously by art academics and disregarded by many renowned collectors and galleries, different subcultural art movements form the genre of Urban Art: Tattoo Art, Lowbrow, Neo Pop Surrealism, Graffiti, Graphic Design, Comic Art, Skateboard Art, Digital Art, as well as Street Art.

The fair is all about really experiencing art. Among the highlights are for example the STROKE Live Paintings by numerous international artists. Visitors are also encouraged to get in touch with the artists themselves and watch them creating their works right at the venue.

STROKE Art Fair is a weekend full of art, interaction, and party. The main parties are “Dance into May” YUM YUM Party with DJ Chrome and Pretty Boy D-Nice on Wednesday and the STROKE ART FAIR BIRTHDAY PARTY on Friday (10 p.m. both). Of course, party people coming to Munich will have a good time on other nights as well.

Another important aspect of STROKE Art Fair is money. Admission fees are rather low and artworks are affordable for the average visitor. According to Marco and Raik Schwalbe, founders of STROKE Art Fair, the aim is to reestablish art as an aesthetic experience and cultural heritage with the main focus on fun. uses cookies. Close

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