16. September - 09. October 2016


Installation series 'Ascents' illuminates German cities

In 1991, 19 communities initiated the cultural cooperation project 'KulturRegion'. With innovative art projects for the public space, the association quickly established itself and became a major address for art and culture in Southern Germany. Now, in their 25th anniversary year, director Joachim Fleischer has announced the latest project, a light art festival. Just like with their first project in 1992/93, 'KulturRegion' once again showcases public art works.

For the anniversary project 'Ascents', 43 artists from ten nations will present light art at different locations in 27 cities and communities. The art works illuminate the cities’ public buildings and their stairways, towers, turrets and steeples, drawing inspiration from the many different places of ascent in the region.

'We are made of stardust' is spelled out in large letters on a roof in Schorndorf. The LED letters slowly change from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. With this installation, Australian artist Michaela Gleave is continuing a series of projects relating to space and astronomy. Like a neon advertising sign, the large letters invite the viewer to reflect on the universe and their place in it.

Ryoji Ikeda explores the nature of data and uses it as a source for the sounds and images that he presents in his immersive video installations and sound performances. His 'test pattern' series is based on a system that transforms all kinds of data – text, sound, photo or film – into binary codes. This is then projected onto the floor of the darkened space in the form of flickering, black and white barcodes, and accompanied by a haunting soundtrack.

An almost dreamlike interplay of shapes, colours and light emerges from the night-time darkness and enfolds the 17th St. Salvator Chapel in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Robert Seidel projects constantly changing, abstract, organic shapes onto the chapel's sandstone facade. In the interferences that are created on the ancient walls, the past and present merge into iridescent visible layers. The flow of light transforms the fragments of architecture below, arising and disintegrating continuously. Robert Seidel’s projections, installations and films combine elements of design, film and sculpture. His art forms are in a state of constant intermingling.

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