23. March - 04. September 2016 MMK Frankfurt a. M.


Dark Vision of a Future without Art

Based on the Science fiction novel “Fahrenheit 451” (1953), the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt shows a dark vision of the future: Similar to Ray Bradbury’s novel, where literary works have been banned from society, in the year 2052, museums are close to extinction and art disappears from society.

The scenario is that only 80 masterpieces from Europe’s most renowned collections could be saved for the moment and are now united in a temporary transnational museum. But the works face destruction, and the only possibility to preserve them for future generations is to commit them to memory. The exhibition invites visitors to memorize the artworks and thereby play an active role in the presentation. At the closing weekend of the exhibition, most artworks will be removed and only the personal memories and interpretations of the viewers will be present in the room. Thus, a living museum will be created.

The works displayed will be from the collections of the Centre Pompidou, the Tate as well as of the Museum für Moderne Kunst – from important artistic positions of the 1920s up to examples from the present like Louise Bourgeois, Marcel Duchamp, Isa Genzken, On Kawara, Claes Oldenburg, Sigmar Polke or Andy Warhol. Based on art historically important works like Marcel Duchamp’s suitcase museum “La Boîte-en-valise”, specific artistic processes are illuminated like the transformation of the everyday, the play with perception or the travel through space and time. Andy Warhol’s “Soup Cans” or Daniel Spoerri’s “Shower” show the ability to transcend everyday objects. Dan Graham’s video installation allows visitors to travel through time.

The exhibition opens March 23rd, 8pm at MMK 2 and will be on display till September 4th, 2016. Since 2014, MMK 2 is the new branch of the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt that shows the latest artworks from the collection on an alternating basis. MMK 2 is centrally located in the banking district in the Taunusturm and has an exhibition area of about 2,000 square meters on the skyscraper’s third floor. The exhibition, which already could be visited at Tate Liverpool at the end of last year, will be on display at the Centre Pompidou (starting October 26th, 2016) in Metz after its conclusion in Frankfurt.

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