25. November - 22. March 2015 Linz


Food - Enjoyment of Art - From the Linzer Torte to Bosna

It seems that food is playing an ever more significant role in society. Although it is essential for life, it also unites people with the world in an elementary way and simultaneously represents the cycle of life and death. People are much more conscious in dealing with food: where does it come from and how is it produced? In the last decade, one could witness many new currents in this field. Raw food, organic food or gluten-free – most food producers have long since adapted themselves to the newest trends.

The Stadtmuseum Nordico in Linz, Austria, examines this fundamental part of society with its current exhibition Kunstgenuss Essen - Von der Linzer Torte bis zur Bosna (Food – Enjoyment of Art - From the Linzer Torte to Bosna). Eating has always been more than just the ingestion of food as it is regarded as the manifestation of cultural affiliation.

The exhibition shows approximately 100 works from 1900 until today; huge potatoes as a sculpture, cheese and chocolate hanging on the wall, a kitchen made of plastic drawings, juicy fruits, lush leftovers and dancing sausages. This exhibition intends to demonstrate food from a different perspective. It also seems that eating and cooking together has become a new art form. However, the exhibition offers much more than the virtuoso depiction of something edible, such as, for instance, the still lifes of the 16th century. The exhibition rather shows and provides its viewers with the different currents of art in which food and artistic creations go hand in hand. Since the 1960s, food is no longer seen as a depiction of an object, but also as a means of art; its processing was considered to be an artistic process, while its preparation was regarded as art performance.

The artists that are represented here have their own way of combining food with their art. For instance, Dieter Roth emphasizes the process of all being by making food decompose and showing its decomposition to the viewer. Many contemporary artists are currently dealing with the increasing alienation of people from their original food resources. Genetically modified seeds, for instance, is the subject of Lisl Ponger’s work, while Maria Bichler and Angelika Windegger created greatly enlarged popcorn in order to call attention to the change of food from an elementary basic need to the fun factor of a leisure culture.

The exhibition Kunstgenuss Essen offers its viewers an immense range of artistic creations, in which the artists involved use different methods to illustrate the relevance of the basic substance food and its influence on art and culture. Until March 22nd, 2015, the exhibition can still be visited by interested viewers at Stadtmuseum Nordico in Linz, Austria.   

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