15. - 18. September 2016


Berliner Liste – a fair to answer all art lover’s needs

The 13th Berliner Liste, the largest Berlin Art Fair, will take place from September 15th to 18th, in one of the most loved industrial locations in the city – Kraftwerk. Berlin’s biggest and longest established art fair showcases affordable, innovative and contemporary artwork. Berliner Liste unites galleries and individual artists under one roof, giving them a wonderful opportunity to exhibit their art and share their visions – this year, we will host 112 exhibitors from 25 countries. Entering the doors of Kraftwerk, visitors will step onto a journey of discovery, where contemporary art meets traditional and classical, where artists have the opportunity to meet potential buyers, make new gallery acquaintances, and enjoy the exciting ambiance. Along with Berlin Art Week, the Berliner Liste, once again, proves that Berlin rightfully has a reputation of the world’s most cutting-edge artistic center, as well as the Berlin’s artist justify their limelight positions.

The core idea of the Berliner Liste is to make art affordable and exciting. Exhibiting the budget friendly and modestly extravagant artworks, the fair gives visitors a chance to explore, meet artists and go on a journey of discovery. Over the years the fair evolved, grew and developed, but the main idea stayed the same – the mission is to exhibit the latest editions of contemporary paintings, graphic art, illustrations, sculptures, new and classic photography, large-scale pieces and small pocket edition artworks, and to make art affordable again. Berliner Liste has experienced collectors on board, as well as the art students, first-time visitors, critiques, amateurs, and culture thrill seekers. The special convenience of the fair is the location, the vast space perfectly organized and spread across the 4000 sqm, wide enough for comfortable strolling and big enough to host international and local galleries, solo artists, and several project groups.

There are four main sections of the fair. Aside from the Gallery and Artist section, there are also Photography and Urban Art sections. The newest addition to the fair, the Urban Art section will play a great part in promoting an open and friendly philosophy of art, where elitism and rigidness do not exist, and where talent mustn’t be disputed based on its origin. Street art entered the galleries big time, and at the 13th edition of Berliner Liste, it will reach the Kraftwerk doors. Since the beginning of street art, the exciting graffiti era of the 70’s, urban art has been escaping the possibility of being defined, it just kept on spreading, from the tagging to lettering, all the way to magnificent murals, political stencils and spray painting. The bare roots of urban art are set in the notion that artist has the freedom of expression that overcomes the society’s definition of art and creativity.

The city of Berlin is known for great street art, design, fashion, experimental photography, and the renowned galleries that specify in this medium all across the city. Carefully chosen, the exhibited pieces will give the viewer a great pleasure of finding the favorite photo, which they could carry home and enjoy its subject in the new light.

Last year the BERLINER LISTE 2015, with 123 exhibitors from 23 countries included paintings, sculptures, drawings and graphic art, photography, installations, light art, video, and performance. This year there will be a special segment of Urban Art Section, which will reflect the lively, authentic and non-elite elements of city life. This exciting new venture will bring curious visitors face to face with graffiti and street art.

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