30. August - 30. September 2016


Tenth edition of the Biennial takes place in Costa Rica

The Central American Biennial is a public event organized that has been held since 1998 to foster, promote and support artistic endeavour in the region. Costa Rica will be the host country for this year’s Biennial, which has been reconfigured in form and substance. Its objectives are to contribute to strengthening the contexts in which creators and artists operate in Central America, activate collaborative networks, stimulate interdisciplinary participation and collaboration, and take the event beyond the conventional spaces.

For twenty years, the Central American Biennial has been promoted by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs from the region. On this occasion, the organization hosting the event is Empresarios por el Arte and the event is curated by Tamara Díaz-Bringas. Under the “All the Lives” conceptual framework, the work for the 10th Biennial involves a meticulous curatorial research process through encounters and exchanges with artists and spaces in each of the countries from the region.

Some of the key questions posed for the project are: How can we collectively define the conditions for a liveable life? Which processes facilitate the sustainability and expansion of life and which, on the other hand, represent a threat to the vital processes in a subjective, ecological, and social sense? What are the tools at our disposal to question a system that favours the wellbeing of certain lives over others that it considers disposable?

‘All the Lives’ poses questions about institutions and practices that distribute the normal and the monstrous, how standardization technologies work on our bodies, our relationships and our behaviors, and how to imagine other ways of living and relating. The X Central American Biennial interrogates that which is public and affirms the collective as resistance to confinement in the private, or the privatization of that which is collective, and questions the role of art in the invention of other spaces of sociality, play, party and collective organization.

In Costa Rica, the Biennial will be held in several venues and public spaces from August 30 to September 30. The main exhibition in Puerto Limón will be presented in the central galleries of the former United Fruit Company. In San José, the Biennial will be spread across several places in the downtown area, including museums and independent spaces like Cultural Centres.

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