16. Juli - 31. August 2016 Odaiba-Aomi Area Tokyo


Magnificent interactive digital art by teamLab art collective

Tokyo-based art collective teamLab has created a breath-taking digital installation, currently open to visitors at 'DMM.Planets’ exhibition'. On 3,000 square metres, visitors are invited to enter and walk around within a three-dimensional light space and discover various interactive artworks.

The work 'Crystal Universe' uses accumulated light points to create a sculptural body. The particles of light are digitally controlled, and change based on the viewer’s interactivity with the work. His position within the artwork influences how the work is created and thus, the artwork is continuously changing. Viewers can also interact by using their smartphones to select elements that make up the 'Crystal Universe'.

The installation 'Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers' is another interactive room to discover. All kinds of flowers bloom in this ever changing universe of colours that spreads out into infinity in the dome art installation space. Flowers are born, they grow, bud, bloom, and in time, the petals fall, and the flowers wither and die. Viewers can again use their smartphones to change the installation and select butterflies and release them into the flower universe.

'Drawing on the Water Surface Created by the Dance of Koi and People' invites visitors to interact with Koi fish in a sea of colours. People can walk into the water and directly influence the movement of the Koi. When the fish collide with people they turn into flowers and scatter.

All works are rendered in real time by a computer program, the whole installation is 'live' and is neither a pre-recorded animation nor on loop. The interaction between the viewer and the installation causes continuous change in the artwork and thus previous visual states can never be replicated.

DMM.Planets exhibition will be open to visitors until August 31 at 'Odaiba Minna no Yume-Tairiku 2016 - A World of Wonders' in Tokyo.

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