25. September - 15. January 2017 Ludwiggalerie


Exhibition on Donald, Mickey and friends

Everybody associates Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and their sometimes very headstrong relatives - like Uncle Scrooge - with Walt Disney and his huge factory. But who were the illustrators behind the scenes? Who were the ones that created the Duckburg cosmos and all the characters and worlds within it? An exhibition in Oberhausen, Germany, presents the three artists: 'Mouse Man' Floyd Gottfredson, the inventor of Mickey Mouse universe, Al Taliaferro, the ever underrated illustrator of the daily Donald Duck newspaper comics and co-creator of Huey, Dewey and Louie and other quirky relatives, and of course Carl Barks, father of Duckburg and many of its inhabitants, like for example Uncle Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose and the Beagle Boys.

Even after the death of these grand old masters, the stories of Duckburg continue. The exhibition also deals with the modern comic versions and their illustrators. For example the German Ulrich Schröder who currently does the Mickey Mouse drawings or Jan Gulbransson and Don Rosa who still illustrate Uncle Scrooge’s divings into his money and Donald’s adventures and tantrums. The exhibition showcases original illustrations and prints, including pieces that have never been publicly exhibited, and thus letting visitors immerse in the microcosmos of Duckburg.

ENTENHAUSEN >>>> OBERHAUSEN is one of the most extensive exhibitions ever presented on the characters of Duckburg and their creators. It has been elaborated in cooperation with the collectors Ina Brockmann and Peter Reichelt from Mannheim and is promoted by the Peter und Irene Ludwig Foundation and the Radio station WDR3. With this exhibition, the gallery LUDWIGGALERIE is continuing a series of presentations of famous caricaturists, cartoonists and illustrators.

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