14. February - 10. Juli 2016 Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck Remagen


The reinvention of art

In respect of art, the year 2016 is all about the Dada movement which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Zurich is regarded as the birthplace of this movement – from here the revolutionary spirit spread all over the world. Switzerland’s largest city will celebrate this centenary with numerous exhibitions, concerts and performances which take place in different cultural institutions in Zurich, such as the Cabaret Voltaire – legendary artist nightclub of the Dada foundation – or the Landesmuseum and the Kunsthaus Zurich.

In Germany, too, several museums are seizing the occasion of the centenary to focus on the work of the Dadaists. In the second half of the year, Berlinische Galerie will throw light at the dialogue between Dadaists and non-European art as a source of their inspiration (4th August until 7th November 2016); whereas from February 14th on, Arp Museum in Remagen will show the beginnings of the revolutionary movement in Switzerland in 1916.  

This makes Arp Museum, whose namesake is one of the co-founders of Dadaism, the ideal place to get to the bottom of the origins of the movement. Arp Museum holds a comprehensive collection of works by German-French painter and sculptor Hans Arp and his wife, Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber-Arp. Hans Arp is regarded as one of the most important exponents of Dadaism.

The exhibition “Genesis Dada. 100 years of Dada Zurich” resurrects Dada’s foremost birthplaces: the Cabaret Voltaire and the bourgeois Galerie Dada. Setting off from these two poles, the Dadaists revolutionized the international art world within a short span of time. Cabaret Voltaire was founded in Zurich on 5th February 1916 by Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Marcel Janco, Tristan Tzara and Hans Arp. It was more than just a place with paintings on the walls: events took place every evening during which declarations and sound poems were read, and dances and dramatic scenes were performed, accompanied by music. In addition to their own works, the Dadaists exhibited works of international avant-garde artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso, which are also part of the exhibition. Works by artists from the circle of the Zurich Dadaists and their artistic environment will also be on display.

The artworks are embedded in a lively staging that makes it easy for visitors to understand the spatial situation of Cabaret Voltaire and Galerie Dada. These two centers are the starting point for several topic areas which render the origins of Dada tangible with numerous artworks and contemporary documents.

Within the frame of the great opening party on February 14, 2016, as well as a soirée on April 22, 2016, the exhibitors are purposely resurrecting the spirit of the old Dada soirées and events with their sound poems, dances and theater.

The exhibition “Genesis Dada. 100 years of Dada Zurich“ takes place at Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck in Remagen from February 14 until July 10, 2016.




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