16. March - 17. June 2018 Museum Wiesbaden


Gerhard Richter. Durchgang, 1968. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York. © Gerhard Richter 2018 (06032018)
Gerhard Richter. Königin Elisabeth, 1967. Museum Wiesbaden. © Gerhard Richter 2018 (06032018)
Gerhard Richter. Mondlandschaft II, 1968. Kunstmuseum Bonn. © Gerhard Richter 2018 (06032018)
Gerhard Richter. Portrait Dieter Kreutz, 1971. Kunsthaus Nordrhein-Westfalen, Kornelimünster. © Gerhard Richter 2018 (06032018)

Early Works

In commemoration of one of Gerhard Richter's first museum exhibitions from 25 June to 21 August 1966 at Museum Wiesbaden, the museum will be showing an overview of the artist’s early paintings.

Gerhard Richter (*1932) is an artist whose work moves beyond the distinctions of abstract and representational painting. His paintings neither cultivate the self-sufficient interplay of color and form nor do they offer a faithful depiction of reality.

Richter’s work, instead, poses questions about representation even when reality and its facts constitute the subject of his paintings. This is true, in particular, of his door, curtain and window paintings of the 1960s. These paintings, in particular, show Richter's conceptual examination of what a painting is and can be.

The curtain or window motif is art-historically charged, always bearing the suggestion of an “other” behind the image surface. Especially the curtain as a "secretive" image surface offers an introduction to the interpretation of the motif as an abstract representation that segues into a pattern of pure painting. Similarly, figurative objects in Richter’s photo paintings begin to disappear or appear through the application of color.

Museum Wiesbaden’s collection contains six of Richter's early works from 1964 to 1968 and, together with other early works from the years until 1974, the current exhibition shows Richter's fundamental examination of the medium of painting, which began in the early years of his artistic production and continues to this day.

In cooperation with the Kunstmuseum Bonn and S. M. A. K. in Ghent, Museum Wiesbaden presents the exhibition Gerhard Richter – Early Paintings as its third station in an expanded version which also reflects the exhibition history of our own institution. The exhibition will be on view from March 17 to June 17 2018 in the Museum Wiesbaden.

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