06. February - 16. May 2016 Bucerius Kunst Forum Hamburg


The window as a symbol in painting

The window is a recurring motif in Pablo Picasso’s oeuvre. The exhibition throws light on the fact that for Picasso (1881-1973), the window was not merely an everyday object; to him it was a symbol in his painting. Forty works from the whole course of the artist’s creative period will now support this proposition.

The window has inspired numerous artists up to today. It is not only a symbol for the threshold between inside and outside, what is known and what is not, it also addresses the act of seeing and thereby one’s own artistic self-reflection.

The exhibition comes from the idea that the window motif occurs in Picasso’s work as a painted theory of mental images. This is indicated by the fact that the artist returns to the motif again and again in times of reorientation, when he reflects upon fundamental questions of art and when a change of location or a new stage of life is about to take place.

Picasso painted his first paintings of windows at the age of eighteen. In these, the studio’s window appears as an interface between the artist and the outer world. In the 1920s, he combined the window motif with cubistically dismembered objects, whose colors are reflected in the outer space. In the 1930s and during WWII, Picasso once again returns to the window. On the one hand, he uses it as a symbol of the protected inner space and links it with female portraits; on the other, he adds vanitas depictions and turns the window frame into a symbolic cross.

Top-class loans from international collections by Picasso museums in Barcelona, Malaga, Paris, London’s Tate, the Centre Pompidou and MoMA in New York comprise paintings, drawings and prints. In addition, there will be roughly 50 photographs on display, taken by photographers who present the window as a determining element in Picasso’s living and work rooms.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a versatile program of events. This will include talks, panels and concerts which take a look at Picasso the artist and his work from different angles. On April 13th, art historian Petra Lange-Berndt will talk about the media staging of Picasso and the modernist cliché of being an artist this entails. On February 25th, 2016 a movie soirée will take place during which a documentary on the life of the great artist will be shown. The movie takes off from Picasso’s legacy and searches for traces from this point on.

The exhibition “Picasso. Fenster zur Welt” can be seen in Bucerius Kunst Forum Hamburg from 6th February until 16th May 2016.

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