6. - 8. 10.2016 Berlin


Retune Festival
Retune Festival
Retune Festival, talk
Retune Festival, Workshop

Exhibitions, Talks and Workshops in Berlin

Berlin, September 30: From October 6th to 8th, 60+ artists and creative producers working at the intersection of art, design and technology take over a former school in Berlin Kreuzberg to transform it into a playground of the future.

How is technology shaping our society and how do artists and creative producers address this question? These are the questions at the core of the Retune Festival – a 3-day event with more than 200 participants in the heart of Berlin that seeks to explore the intersections of art, design and new technologies.

In its fourth edition, Retune is reinventing itself. Breaking with the traditional conference setting, this year’s edition focuses on small and intimate formats. Aiming for dialogues rather than monologues and focusing on providing as much hands-on experience as possible. Thus, giving the audience the chance to dive deeply into each topic, and establish a direct conversation with the presenting artists, making it all about inspiration, experience, and exchange.

The programme of the festival is grouped around four main sections, spanning different themes in a variety of talks and keynotes, cutting-edge installations, hands-on experiences, audiovisual performances, in-depth workshops, immersive exhibitions and intimate discussions that aim to establish a direct contact between artists and visitors.

'Immersed Narratives' explored the opportunities of storytelling in virtual reality, while 'Neuronal Creation' expanded the creative expression with Artificial Intelligence.  'Networked Transplantations’ investigated the possibilities of extending the human body and the senses and the senses and 'Creative Production' follows the process of creation of product from its prototype to the market launch.



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