13. April - 18. May 2018 Bushwick, Brooklyn


Sculpture 56


Sculpture 56 is a six-week long contemporary sculpture event held at eleven participating galleries at 56 Bogart Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
As a medium, sculpture has the dynamic ability to activate the spaces they’re in and immerse the visitor. Sculpture 56 reinforces Bushwick’s sense of community and makes a larger impact than the typical, individual gallery programs. It invites the public to wander the halls of the building to explore the unique high-quality physical exhibitions. Moving from one gallery to the next, Sculpture 56 presents the different adaptations sculpture can take.

Participating galleries:

Amos Eno Gallery presents Perceptual Slip, with works by Damfino, Samantha Jones, Erik Patton and José-Ricardo Presman. The exhibition features works from discarded and unassuming materials that engage with the body through scale and structure. Works in the exhibition explore how materiality and perception destabilize the notion of the body.

DAVID&SCHWEITZER Contemporary Annex presents Painting Into Sculpture with works by Len Bellinger, Michael David, Susan Carr, Daniel John Gadd, Rosie Lopeman, Helen O'Leary, Kelin Perry, Babs Reingold, Carol Salmanson, Kurt Steiger, Norton WR, and Rosa Valado.

Fresh Window presents Small Dance or the Space of my Body by Diana Sirianni. This site-specific, immersive sculpture explores the relationship between body and space. The sculpture is a three-dimensional collage and a spatial dance created with diverse materials, including traces and photographic fragments of past work.

Honey Ramka presents Depth of Surface, an exhibition featuring artists who exemplify the versatility of contemporary ceramics and the transformative properties of clay. With work by Nicole Cherubini, Carl D’Alvia, Shannon Goff, Matthias Merkel Hess, Roxanne Jackson, Julia Kunin, and Robert Raphael.

NurtureArt presents Becoming Beast featuring the work of Laura Bernstein. Bernstein uses sculpture, drawings and multi-channel video installation to explore the relationship between the exemplary and the freakish, shifting and flipping between those who are in power and those who are held captive. 

Robert Henry Contemporary presents two exhibitions for Sculpture 56:
Noah Loesberg: Remote Barrier Storage re-contextualizes common items, like windows or concrete highway barriers, and gives us the visual satisfaction of patterns and the beauty in banal everyday objects. 
Melissa Vandenberg: Monument where Vandenberg, through the use of ephemeral materials such as cloth and paper, co-opts cultural symbols to manipulate our feelings of nostalgia that in the process, raises questions about cultural and personal identity, power, mortality, and memory.

Slag Contemporary presents Beyond and Within with works by Dumitru Gorzo. Gorzo’s sculptural language combines modern and traditional in a lyrical way raising questions about the nature of forms: how volume relates to space, what makes an artwork tangible, and the honesty of aesthetics.

SOHO20 presents an exhibition of new works by member artist Lucy Hodgson. Hodgson continues her investigation of containment, employing a mix of natural and industrial references. The installation explores small architectural fantasies from antiquity to the present that have been devastated by rage, fanaticism, the lust for petroleum and power, and the machinations of politics. Opening April 20th.

Studio 10 presents Host by Tom Butter. This exhibition will consist of an eleven-foot tall kinetic sculpture, which commands space and attention alike as visitors set the piece into motion, then spend a stretch of time watching a grey foam cord slowly unwind from a large spool topping the central steel structure. The cord gathers on the floor in a curious, gradually mounting pile. Upon interacting and spending time with Butter's piece, visitors will have questions to ask themselves about Host's mechanics and meanings, as well as about sculpture in general.

VICTORI + MO presents Meetinghouse, a site-specific installation by Amie Cunat. Cunat’s multi-room meetinghouse, crafted in her signature style of painted hand cut cardboard, reimagines historical artifacts created by the Shakers, a sect of religious radicals who promoted equality for all of its members in colonial America.



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