03. - 17. November 2019 11am-6pm and by arrangement Aachen/Eschweiler

SmartGod: Respect, Empathy and Dialogue

Ramon Llull, his ars & the cornerstone of the computers, "Patience brings peace. Those who have patience own themselves. Those who do not own themselves are poor."

Art Show - Church turns into gallery in November

Everything is turning. Everything is in motion. That's a good thing. But not in every case. In a world that is turning faster and faster and in which everything becomes increasingly digital, one should pause from time to time and return to their true values. The exhibition "SmartGod" curated by artist Beate Mack inspires to think in new ways based on our ethical values. SmartGod is not a new religion, rather than an understanding of togetherness in our interconnected world around the globe. It is all about a dialogue across religions and the exhibition aspires to stimulate ideas and answers. Where words fail us, art will carry on the conversation.

Smartgod is a god that has a significantly more extensive functionality and connectivity than our current conventional lifestyle provides. 

Beate Mack displays large-size, colourful, mysterious, powerful images with hidden purposeful meanings allowing for deep insight into the souls of humans and nature. I don't just paint pictures, it is my intention to present exactly this message to the world through my art."

SmartGod: Respekt, Mitgefühl & Dialog ("SmartGod: Respect, Empathy & Dialogue")

Herz Jesu Kirche (Sacred Heart Church) in Aachen/Eschweiler, Dürener Str./on the corner of Sternheimstrasse

November 3 to 17, 2019

Opening times of the exhibition: 11am to 6pm and by arrangement

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