25. April - 05. Juli 2015 museum für angewandte kunst Frankfurt am Main


Digital + mobile + omnipresent =mobile phone

Mobile is art. Mobile is design. Mobile is a medium of expression. Mobile is communication. A Mobile phone is a medium of artistic production. A life without a mobile phone. The most people can’t even imagine that situation today. In particular, teenagers who have absorbed these technical achievements with the breast milk, are not very pleased with the idea of giving their electronic companion away.

Since the phone has become a smartphone, its features go far beyond simply calling and texting. Apps regulate our everyday lives, organize our free time and determine how we perceive the world: the omnipresent mobile phone is a speaking clock, a photographer, an organizer, a video player, an entertainer, a playmate, a computer, a post office, the newspaper, and even more. Over the last 20 years the small all-rounder has changed the way we communicate fundamentally. Cell phones and Apps also have greater impact on contemporary art.

But mobile phones polarize. More and more people are becoming aware of that and are taking a break from the permanent 24/7 reachability and simply switch off their mobile at times. Hamsters and hipsters are examples in the exhibition for the two opposing positions. The hamster symbolizes the negative aspects of mobile communication, because on the small rodents, the effects of cell phone radiation on biological organisms were investigated. And the scene hipster symbolizes the hype about telecommunication, permanent availability and consumption.

The most prominent new art form that resembles a virus, which has seized almost all smartphone users, is the Selfie. The American artist Jonathan Keller Keller has made one Selfie of himself every day over many years. The images were made into videos and express a metamorphosis of personal development.

Florian Mehnert has chosen the medium of film for the discussion of the "transparent man", to rekindle the own privacy and data theft. In the installation "People Tracks" he shows Video sequences on 42 Tablets. The artist denounces with its expansive display the loss of privacy and intimacy, because the short films are originated from chopped and remote smartphones.

The British illustrator and artist Kyle Bean has raised the phone itself as an objet trouvé to a work of art. He presents with "Mobile Evolution", the mobile phone in the form of a Russian matryoshka. Ten devices of "cell phone bones" up to the ultra-modern smartphone are nestable and illustrate the rapid development of devices.

Photos - Videos - Painting - Street Art - Design and the cell phone is always in the center of attention. Sometimes it even is the artistic medium, and then again it acts as a subject. The exhibition "Hamster - Hipster - Mobile" in the Frankfurt Museum of Applied Arts delights children and adults and can be visited until the 5th of July.

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