19. - 28. August 2016 Antwerpen


A red ball travels around the world

Artist Kurt Perschke’s RedBall Project is a sculptural installation traveling around the globe, adopting cities as its canvas. Perschke uses RedBall to explore each city’s unique architectural landscape and history.

Through the RedBall Project Kurt Perschke utilizes his opportunity as an artist to be a catalyst for new encounters within the everyday. The magnetic, playful, and charismatic nature of RedBall allows the work to access the imagination embedded in all of us.

The RedBall Project has been to a lot of countries since its launch in 2001, inspiring people in more than 26 cities all over the world. Whether it was in Paris, under the Eiffel tower, on a Chicago Bridge or in the streets of Abu Dhabi, the giant red eye-catcher has been greeted with enthusiasm everywhere it went.

Now, the RedBall has been invited to take part in the “Zomer van Antwerpen”, a cultural event in the Belgian city of Antwerp, until 28 September 2016.



Friday, 19. August | Central Railway Station
Saturday, 20 August | Hetpaleis
Sunday, 21 August | MAS paviljoenen
Monday, 22. August | Premetrostation Elisabeth
Tuesday, 23. August | Vlinderpaleis                                          

Wednesday, 24. August | Dienstcentrum Oever
Thursday, 25. August | Het Steen
Friday, 26. August | Begijnhof
Saturday, 27. August |Stadtpark
Sunday, 28. August | Park Spoor Noord

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