02. October - 28. August 2016 Museum for Communication Frankfurt a. M.


Great advertisement is an art

The American businessman John Rodman (1838-1922) already knew: “that half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, but I can never find out which half.” We don’t know that either, but we know that great advertisement is an art. Until August, the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt devotes itself to the competition of large companies for the favor and attention of customers in the exhibition “Touched – Seduced. Advertisement campaigns that made history.”

Who doesn’t remember the intrusive slogan “Geiz ist geil!” (meaning cheap is sexy) of a large electrical market or the yellow hand with sunglasses, who 1993, after the introduction of five-digit postal codes after the German reunification, told everyone happily: “Fünf ist Trümpf” (wordplay meaning that five is the correct amount of digits)?

The Museum for Communication gives an overview over these and about 50 other known (and partly loved) commercials and advertisement campaigns from the post-war era to the present. More than 350 posters, advertisements, objects, movies and interviews can be discovered. But the exhibition also answers a number of questions you have probably asked yourself: Why is the Milka cow (mascot of a German chocolate producer) purple? Or how did Fiat become the “tolle Kiste” (meaning great ride)?

Visit the exhibition in the Museum for Communication in Frankfurt (Main) till August 28th, 2016 and vote for your favorite commercial campaign. In the interactive part of the exhibition you can find out how you react to advertisement. An Eye-tracking and Emo-Scan station show you your unconscious behavior and reflects your feelings during the observation of an advertisement poster.

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