30. September - 02. October 2016 London


Benjamin Golding, Sculpture made from cardboard fragments, Courtesy Chrom-Art
James Tarry, 1969 - It's The Real Thing, Courtesy Chrom-Art
Josh Bowe, Social Empiricism, Courtesy Chrom-Art
Fei Alexeli, Space Tea, Courtesy Chrom-Art

City  Tribe  and  New Sense of Urban Belonging

After a huge success from last Year’s #TRIBE15, featuring close to 100 contemporary emerging artists and open to over 2500 visitors, Chrom-Art presents the Second Edition. Chrom-Art is a social enterprise whose main objective is to support emerging unrepresented artists in developing their artistic talent. It seeks to connect the art with art lovers and provide artists with affordable opportunities to produce, exhibit and sell their work.

Featuring over 120 international and UK-based artists from the world of contemporary art, music, dance and performance the festival is conceived as an immersive multicultural festival engaging a diversity of art forms. #TRIBE16 presents 2D art works, sculpture, dance, graffiti, art installation, video and performance in one of the most exciting venues in the heart of London, a spectacular Victorian warehouse.

Spanning over 3 floors and 5 different areas, the building becomes a utopian space where notions of physicality and the limitations associated with it will be challenged through a dense network of multiple human relations and energies. Artists invite visitors to take part in a variety of activities and seek lively interaction with the public. #TRIBE16 opens up new encounters and establishes a sense of community that goes beyond geographical limitations and cultural borders.

One of the headline performances is the jaw dropping installation 'The Storm', an audio-reactive arrangement exploring natural thunder soundscapes and light diffusion presented by multi-award winning Ithaca Audio. Sixteen feet of cloud covering spreads from ceiling to floor that conceals over 6,000 individually coded LED lights in this walk around immersive audio visual experience.

Six renowned international street artists (Amara por Dios, Annatomix, Sr.X, DALOPO, Marc Craig and Otto Schade) will showcase new canvas work in our Street Art area, joint by Tenbomb, one the most exciting street art collectives now in the UK. In the Cinema Room Chrom-Art is showcasing a selection of short films by artists from all over the world.

The festival runs from 30 September until 2 October 2016, the entrance is free of charge.

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