02. - 04. September 2016 Rheingoldhalle Mainz


Exhibition at art fair "KUNST direkt"

Once again, the art fair ‚KUNST direkt‘ will be held at the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz, Germany. The fair takes place for the 12th time this year and will once more feature lots of interesting art works. This year it will be offering an extensive retrospective called “VIDEO:BOX”, in which the works of various film students as well as their long-standing director, Prof Harald Schleicher, will be presented.

The retrospective includes 80 videos – short movies, feature films, documentaries, experimental works, music videos and documentary installation projects – of over 40 artists. The oldest works are from the year 1995, while the newest have been completed recently in 2016. The shortest film is about one minute long, the longest runs for almost an hour. The total playing time of the exhibition’s videos is approximately ten hours. Visitors can choose their favorite films from the VIDEO:BOX and compile their own programme.

Director and author Erica von Moeller shows her film “Selbstmontage” (engl.: self-installation) as part of the retrospective. She studied Fine Arts in Mainz and Communication Sciences in Frankfurt and then graduated at the Cologne Academy of Arts. Since 2001, she has produced a number of films in different genres, for example the documentary “Sainkho” in 2002, the feature film “Leben mit Hannah” (engl.: Life with Hannah) and the docudrama “Fräulein Stinnes fährt um die Welt" in 2009 (engl.: Miss Stinnes Motors Round the World). She works as a media artist and elaborates exhibitions and art projects, working at the interface between moving images, space and sound. She is also an experienced lecturer, having taught in Cologne, Berlin and Trier. At the moment, she lectures at the University of Wuppertal, teaching Audiovisual Media Design.

Jonas Etten has submitted his experimental film “Zelluläre Automaten” (engl.: Cellular Machines) for the VIDEO:BOX. In 2014 he graduated at the Academy of Arts of Mainz, after finishing his studies in Fine Arts. During the course of his studies, he produced various experimental films and music videos. In his work as a tutor in a pedagogical media and film project for disabled people, he also produced the short movie “Die Fußball-Liebe“ in 2010 (engl.: The Football Love”). Furthermore, he graduated in Philosophy and is currently working on his dissertation.

The works of both artists are being displayed from 2 – 4 September as part of the “KUNST direct” art fair in the “VIDEO:BOX”-retrospective. For the duration of the exhibition, Art-scene.tv is presenting their videos online.


Opening hours:

2 September: noon - 7pm

3 September: noon - 9pm

4 September: 11am - 6pm




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