15. November 2018

Radio Space

An acoustic course through radio art


2. November 2018

Banksy Girl with Balloon

About Banksy and the Banksy collection of the Kronsbein Gallery:


  |  26. June 2014


The British Queen is reading the newspaper while using the bathroom with her panties pulled down. Only for a brief moment the image seems like an intimate photo taken in the style of paparazzi photography. Of course, the Queen is not real. Still, it seems odd that celebrities also lead a very ordinary life most of the time. And besides it is fun to imagine the real Queen Elisabeth II. were in the picture. The photo artist Alison Jackson aims for the worldwide obsession of celebrities: “The point of my works is that we believe to know those people in a very intimate way. In reality we only know images of them and stories that might be invented and constructed: by agencies, the media or the celebrity himself,” the 44 years old artists tells in a current interview in the German newsmagazine SPIEGEL.

The British photographer and video artist Alison Jackson arranges supposedly intimate situations of celebrities with their lookalikes. One of her most famous photos shows George W. Bush when doing firing practice, using portraits of Wladimir Putin and Hillary Clinton as targets. In another picture, Bill Gates is operating an Apple device und the Beckhams are at home by themselves: Victoria, wearing sky-high stilettos, is standing in a slinky pose at the sink and David, only wearing a white Jockeys, is carrying a backbreaking full of fish sticks.

Already during her studies of sculpture art at Chelsea College of Art in London, Alison Jackson was dealing with the theme of photos transforming human beings into objects. But she only came up with the idea of lookalikes in the context of the tragic death of Lady Di in 1997. The British photographer produced a photo of Diana, her lover Dodi and a baby because back then, many people questioned whether Lady Di was pregnant.

Fictional photos by Alison Jackson are on display as part of the exhibition “Paparazzi! Photographers, Stars and Arts” in Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, Germany between 27 June and 12 October.



Further information on the exhibition of Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt in our EVENTS!

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2. November 2018

Central Questions of Philosophy

Rodney Graham in London


26. October 2018

Zeng Fanzhi

The unifying theme of these presentations is Zeng’s investigations into the possibilities of painting in the contemporary era.

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