7. August 2019

50 years of BFF in Berlin

BFF turns 50 - Special exhibition

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the BFF - Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und...


24. May 2019

The Life of Salvadore Dali

 If it were not for Gala, today, the world would be without a genius: Dalí would not exist".


Top-News  |  30. April 2015


Art & App

The Special "Art & App" is taking a closer look at the link between fine arts and those little programs for your smartphone or tablet. We for example tested in which way kids can get a understanding of art through apps. Check out our favorite museum apps or how artists create fine art with apps.

Read our NEWS and EVENTS:

APP ART – Art in App-Format - Currently the recent trend in the arts is the so called app Art. As the successor of net art, this form of art is now focusing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It thus corresponds not only with the needs of the young generation which is interested in art, but also applies to mobility and quickness which is increasing in our world…continue reading

APP ART AWARD - The worldwide only prize for Digital Art - The "app" started its triumphal march on the 10th of July in 2008 with the introduction of the Apple App Store. Only three months later the media giant Google followed with its Play Store. Today, these two platforms maintain with over a million mobile applications, each, as the most successful in the market…continue reading

ART IN APPS I – Top 3 Game-Apps about Art - Whether serving for education or only the pure pleasure - apps which are about art, are suitable for all those who are interested in art and would like to make use of the mobile and digital version of a game…continue reading

ART IN APPS II – Art-Apps for Kids - Apps are currently especially popular, if they are aimed at a young audience and have a playful look at art. Often designed by Museums in collaboration with computer manufacturers, new ways of art education are pursued with these apps and enable a whole new confrontation with the matter….continue reading

EXHIBITION – HAMSTER-HIPSTER-HANDY - Mobile is art. Mobile is design. Mobile is a medium of expression. Mobile is communication. A Mobile phone is a medium of artistic production. A life without a mobile phone. The most people can’t even imagine that situation today. In particular, teenagers who have absorbed these technical achievements with the breast milk, are not very pleased with the idea of giving their electronic companion away…continue reading

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9. April 2019

Street Art Montmarte

Street Art at Montmartre is still a thing


1. April 2019

Montmartre Art Scene Speical

Announcement of the Montmartre Art Scene Special

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