4. January 2020

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 2

Viviane Sassen begeistert seit Jahren die Modefotowelt. Auch sie arbeitet in erster Linie mit dem menschlichen Körper, etwa indem...


31. December 2019

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 1

Performance ist eine eigenständige Kunstform, und die Fotografie ist ihr ständiger Begleiter. In dieser Gruppenausstellung werden...


Top-News  |  26. May 2015


The shooting stars of the scene
After we have given an overview of the history of street art last week, we now dedicate ourselves to the currently most popular representatives of this now global scene.

While a large number of street artists usually remain anonymous, because Spray-Art is by the state still considered vandalism and is a criminal offense, there are now numerous artists who made themselves a name because of their meaningful action and have established themselves in the art scene.

The French artist Blek le Rat, whos real name is Xavier Prou, belongs undoubtedly to the most influential figures of the street art scene. He was born in 1951 and was the first who brought template images to Paris walls in the early eighties. He is thus one of the founders of the so-called stencil art that requires templates for the production of the motifs in contrast to the freehand graffiti. His first designs were small-scale works such as rats, tanks and bananas, which he sprayed in frequent repetition on stonewall and house walls using a template.

To the younger generation of street art artists belongs the Briton D * Face, whose identity was still unknown a few years ago. The artist, with the real name Dean Stockton, who was early enthusiastic about graffiti brought his paintings initially only for own artistic pleasure and overnight to London's facades. Increasingly, however, he received recognition for his reminiscent of “pop art” operating with both graffiti as well as stencils and posters art, which is characterized by bright colors and cartoon-like images.

But not only in areas such as Stencil and Graffiti Street Art is at home. Forms have been established since the turn of the millennium, which in addition to templates and colors also use other materials and forms of expression such as the work with textiles or photography. In recent years, in particular the French photographer and street artist JR has conquered public spaces with his art. He became famous for his portraits of passers-by and residents, which he installed in France and Spain as large posters on houses and bridges - among other things as a sign against the demolition of old buildings. His works raise questions about identities and try to explore the traces of time.

The most famous Street Art artist at the time and also one of the greatest mysteries of the art world however is the British-born Banksy. The artist has been able to successfully keep his identity a secret and yet his works which are based on stencil graffiti, have already been auctioned at incredibly high prices. With his works, which often transform familiar motifs into meaningful statements, he draws attention to social undesirable developments. A US collector recently paid $ 750,000 for the 2012 by Banksy in London attached and little later removed graffiti "Symbol of Local Pride". The image of a little boy, who manufactures the British national flags on the sewing machine, focuses on Child Labour.

Like the works by D * Face and JR the works of Banksy have already been presented in several exhibitions. Long since the graffiti art has thus arrived in the art world, even though at first it was not intended by the artists. Currently the creative street art scene is spreading all over the world as an established art form, and it remains to be seen what shooting stars the Street Art will bring in the coming years.

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16. October 2019

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

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Olafur Eliasson: In real life

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