24. May 2019

The Life of Salvadore Dali

 If it were not for Gala, today, the world would be without a genius: Dalí would not exist".


9. April 2019

Street Art Montmarte

Street Art at Montmartre is still a thing


Top-News  |  16. June 2015


Meeting of the international graffiti scene in Wiesbaden

Loud hip-hop music blared from numerous speakers, the air was heavy from gloss paint and the atmosphere was omitted. Last weekend have met 130 Sprayer from around the world between rattling trains and the smooth flowing Rhine in Wiesbaden at the "Meeting of Styles" to prove that Graffiti is not vandalism but art. On more than 4,000 square meters wall area at the bridgehead between Wiesbaden and Mainz could urban artists, street artists and graffiti writers let off steam. The more than 3,000 visitors were able to see live, how monumental works of art emerged on the walls of the Theodor-Heuss bridge and walls of various buildings along the railway tracks. Particularly impressive was the design of the entire facade of the RZ-house by the artist Yu-Baba from Belarus, Wild Drawing from Indonesia and DMJC from Peru, for which a lifting platform and a crane were needed.

The graffiti community is still dominated by men, but women are on the rise. For the first time in Wiesbaden three walls were solely reserved for women. The 15 participating artists, including bands like MadC or Hera, were in no way inferior to their male counterparts, and showed that they knew to implement this year's motto "Mind Above Matter".

Particularly "Meeting of Styles" organizer Manuel Gerullis was delighted to have been invited to the town hall to Wiesbaden's mayor Sven Gerich: "The reception at the City Hall has ennobled us a bit and indicates that graffiti is taken seriously and is acknowledged as art." Gerullis already has plans for 2016. Thus he wants to gain more graffiti areas in the ancient village of Castle and extend the event to the districts of Amöneburg and Kostheim.

The Wiesbaden "Hall of Fame" as such legally sprayed wall surfaces are referred to in the graffiti scene, is ideal for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The access to the outdoor gallery is always open and free of charge. And it's worth it! The graffiti remains on the walls until the next Wiesbaden "Meeting of Styles" in the coming year and thus represent the largest open-air gallery of the Rhine-Main area.

The largest hall of fame in Germany, with 9,000 square meters, is located in Magdeburg in the Aerosol Arena, which will also be the venue for the next "Meeting of Styles" in Germany. From the 4th to the 6th of September will the this year's season finale of the European graffiti artists meetings be celebrated on the former industrial site.

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1. April 2019

Montmartre Art Scene Speical

Announcement of the Montmartre Art Scene Special


29. March 2019

Art Basel Hong Kong

Opening today, the 2019 edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong welcomes 242 leading galleries from 35 countries and territories.

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