4. January 2020

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 2

Viviane Sassen begeistert seit Jahren die Modefotowelt. Auch sie arbeitet in erster Linie mit dem menschlichen Körper, etwa indem...


31. December 2019

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 1

Performance ist eine eigenständige Kunstform, und die Fotografie ist ihr ständiger Begleiter. In dieser Gruppenausstellung werden...


  |  23. December 2016


Banksy - Street Artist Unmasked?

Who is Banksy? This question has been keeping the gazettes, Yellow Press and the international art scene busy for years. But what is new, is that now scientists too concern themselves with the identity of the artist. Scientists from the Queen Mary University London have used the geographic profiling method to reveal the secret of the identity of the person behind the artistic figure. The street artist, who is so far only known under his pseudonym Banksy, is famous for his stencil graffiti with often socio-critical or political motifs. His sprayed artworks first appeared at the end of the 1990s. Today, they are a huge success and collectors are ready to pay multi-million dollar amounts, to call a real Banksy their own.

2008 already, the British tabloid Mail on Sunday, after in-depth research, put forward the thesis that Robin Gunningham from Bristol, who is 42 today, is the spray artist. A team of the Queen Mary University around the biologist Steven Le Comber now sees this speculation confirmed. The put all known geographic data of the “crime scenes” in a computer program and thus calculated possible places of residence for the artist. The data analysis showed that movement profiles of Banksy and Gunningham are closely linked.

Le Comber’s normal subject is the analysis and research of the spreading of diseases via geographic profiling, but his team of scientists was able to show that there are countless other possible uses of the scientific method. Especially for catching criminals, the method is used successfully. All relevant geographical details connected to the person are put into the database and the result is the alleged place of residence of the delinquent.

But the investigation does not prove beyond a doubt that Banksy and Robin Gunningham are the same person. Another thesis assumes that Banksy is not a single person, but an artist collective. There are number of reasons for the hiding game of the artist (or the artist group?): One is that the artistic actions are not always within the law and some people, like the lawmakers, simply view the street artworks as property damage. But the anonymity is a marketing tool too. Speculations churn the rumor mill and thus ensure medial distribution.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter to us if Banksy is Robert Gunningham or a group of ten artists. Let the artwork speak for itself.

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16. October 2019

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

In 1999, the art world was dominated by expert fairs, traditional auction houses and white cube galleries. Whoever wanted to buy...


7. October 2019

Olafur Eliasson: In real life

Olafur Eliasson (b. 1967) grew up in Iceland and Denmark. In 1995 he founded Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin, which today...

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