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Radio Space

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Top-News  |   4. October 2018

Flashback 2018

The 6th episode of Flashback_all art is contemporary

is promising to be the edition of the records: last year's venue - the new spaces of Pala Alpitour center foyer - is confirmed, as well as the galleries of the previous years, with significant new acquisitions, both from Italy and abroad. After the record-breaking numbers of 2017 and - mainly - the significant recognitions by both the public and the press, the Fair is ready to meet and surprise once more the fans of contemporary art of all ages. 


For its 6th edition, Flashback, which has always paid special attention to the newness, has decided to involve the exhibitors and the public in a reflection that starts from "The shores of another sea", a science-fiction book by writer and anthropologist Chad Oliver. The author builds up a situation where the relationships between different worlds are continuously being redefined; a story that leads towards a dialog between different forms of civilization, different worlds, different species. The Flashback’s program moves around such reflection and starts from the beginning with this year's novelty: not only will the 6th edition "wear" the color of 2018 – a rarefied aquamarine - but it will be described by an artwork purposely created by artist Francesco Valeri.  This artist has been selected to take diversity and periphery back "to the center".  After taking part to the “condominio-opera viva” project in via Cuneo 5bis, in the Aurora district (a project that was born with the intent of highlighting the social, cultural and temporal mixité of Turin's suburbs), Francesco Valeri returns the elsewhere to the center, takes the experience of mixture and diversity that animates the meeting between different cultures back to the exhibition spaces. During the Fair Francesco Valeri will present a 60 sq m wall painting that embraces the theme of the event and projects it in another time dimension.

Mixité is the very founding characteristic of Flashback, which acts in an anthropological attitude, studying man from multifold points of view: social, cultural, artistic-expressive and philosophical.

The image represents a timeless context, hanging in the balance between past and future, between new and ancient; two characters belonging to different traditions and identities establish a contact, a meeting made by strange tools: a bulb comes out of the westerner's ear, while the club-scepter of the "indigenous" tickles his cheek.  What world are we in?  Francesco Valeri's sign tells us that - between Picasso and the graffiti - the very role and function of art is to overstep and cross the space-time dimensions, to intersect and connect the levels and reactivate the ‘mechanism of thinking’. In this saturated colorful universe, every option suddenly becomes viable, provided that we remain open and willing. Thus, every age is actually present and we can again today - as in other moments of our history - deeply connect different temporal areas: the ancient, the modern and the contemporary in its becoming. 


Flashback really is a unique and peculiar project: the councillor with responsability for cultural matters and tourism of Piedmont, Antonella Parigi, expresses in this fashion her admiration for the project:  “During the days that make Turin the protagonist of the contemporary artistic dimensions flashback All art is contemporary stands out for its carefully balanced mix of culture and market   and, with its well-established format, will most certainly confirm the success of the past editions, proving that art is one of the strategic guidelines at the core of Piedmont and Turin’s cultural offering. A context within which this event is highlighted by its original outlook on the more traditional arts sector, which retains its dynamism”. The city of Turin, through the city councillor with responsibility for cultural matters Francesca Leon, has thus commented: “Flashback is back, a high quality event among the art fairs that the city harbors, again finding a way to connect - with the galleries, the artists and the projects - the ancient, the modern and the contemporary.  The event promotes art projects and urban art that throughout the year encourage us to think about the role of the suburbs, diversity and the meeting between different cultures and the importance of art as a mediator in this conversation as well as a glue that holds the community, the artists and the territory together.  I want to thank the organization for their effort in engaging with a public that thanks to the fair and the work of the organization, can approach art in a more immediate way, starting closer to their day-to-day life”.  


Amongst the ancient and modern art galleries attending Flashback’s 6th edition, Galleria Giamblanco with a new selection of significant paintings of 17th and 19th centuries , amongst which a particularly noteworthy canvas by Mattia Preti (Taverna, 1613 – La Valletta, 1699) which portrays James, son of Zebedee and that can be dated back to the Roman period of the artist, around the fourth decade of the 17th century, when the artist focused on the careful study of the works by Caravaggio and his heirs. Again, under the banner of rarity, gallery Flavio Pozzallo is presenting the polychrome terracotta Madonna del latte e Angeli (Madonna of the milk and Angels), which - besides being extremely original - is one of the most ancient testimonies in the use of the "new" technique of terracotta in the sculpture of Lombardy in the second fourth of the 15th century. The same gallery, together with Benappi Fine Art, is presenting a work of utter significance for the history of art of Vercelli and Piedmont: a double-faced painting by Eleazaro Oldoni, which was up to now cataloged as anonymous. Finally, amongst the ancient art galleries, it is worth highlighting Maison d’Art of Montecarlo, a significant new entry, with work Maria Maddalena by Orazio Gentileschi, whose exceptional model was most likely his daughter Artemisia. The work, which can be dated to the first decades of the 17th century, “a living work” defined by the 17th century art historian Francesco Scannelli, a work ‘che non potria dimostrare più vera carne quando fosse vivo’ (which could not appear truer even if it were alive). 

On the other hand, modern art is outstandingly represented by Galleria dello Scudo, which is presenting the majestic Maternity by Arturo Martini in Finale stone, which has been absent from exhibitions since 1961 and that - for those who are at the search of curiosities - weighs 500 kg. 

Finally, special attention to the artworks dedicated to the sea and to the journey, therefore particularly alike the Flashback 2018 project; the first one is present in the important project of Galleria Russo, which places side by side the women's visages by Medardo Rosso and Umberto Boccioni to the Hurricane by Arturo Martini, a terracotta sculpture that portrays a sailor fighting against the fury of the sea;  the second one - brought by Galleria Mazzoleni – is  a sensational  Untitled oil painting by  Alberto Savinio that dates to 1930, which shows the mooring on the  shores of another sea. The journey and - in particular - the myth of the Argonauts is a theme cherished by Savinio:  50 heroes led by Jason embark on an adventurous journey on board ship Argo at the search of the Golden Fleece, therefore to the discovery of new worlds and new opportunities.  


Furthermore, to confirm Flashback's commitment to contemporaneity, Pala Alpitour shall develop the different sections: exhibition, sound, video, talk, lab, storytelling and Opera Viva special project: the six posters of the urban art project devised by Alessandro Bulgini and curated by Christian Caliandro, which has marked the count down to the fair starting from May. Three of the six artworks exhibited in the roundabout of Piazza Bottesini in Barriera di Milano are by women artists selected by the jury of the call that was launched at the beginning of the year, composed by Alessandro Bulgini and Chrßistian Caliandro themselves as well as by Umberto Allemandi, Pietro Gaglianò, Luigi Ratclif and Roxy in the Box. Besides the artworks by Irene Pittatore, Virginia Zanetti and Francesca Sandroni, also those by Laboratorio Saccardi, Lucia Veronesi and the conclusive one by Alessandro Bulgini are a reflection on diversity and mixture, as well as on how art and positive intervene within such context. 

This year there will be two Flashback exhibitions: the colossal wall painting by Francesco Valeri, an action painting performance that will take place during the fair, and a project by Gian Enzo Sperone – who can better represent the timeless contemporaneity of art? – with three artworks by Tony Matelli that erase reality and unveil a far, imaginary world. We, therefore, like survived castaways from an island of dreams, are invited to embrace our fears, our anxieties, and our curiosity and sense of mystery.         

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2. November 2018

Banksy Girl with Balloon

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2. November 2018

Central Questions of Philosophy

Rodney Graham in London

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