24. May 2019

The Life of Salvadore Dali

 If it were not for Gala, today, the world would be without a genius: Dalí would not exist".


9. April 2019

Street Art Montmarte

Street Art at Montmartre is still a thing


Top-News  |   1. April 2019

Montmartre Art Scene Speical

Montmartre Art Scene Special


While wandering around in Montmartre, you will notice all the art influences. Artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso were attracted to the area and, so art is still in the heart of Montmartre. Every morning at Place du Tertre, artist gather to draw illustrations or portraits. It is a little square in the heart of Montmartre. It is famous for its former residents, Dali, Picasso, Braque – all of whom are dead! You’ll instead discover a living art scene that is happening away from the galleries and museums, which is being supported directly by the public. There are many kinds of art in Montmartre - traditional enamel spray can paintings, posters, screen prints and improvised statues. This is a historic artistic area. One can still feel the artistic feel of the past. It is capped by the Church of the Sacred Heart. Near the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the twentieth, during the Belle Epoque , many artists lived in, had studios, or worked in or around Montmartre, including Amedeo Modigliani, Calude Monet, Piette-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Henri de Toulouse-Lautre, Suzanne Valadon, Piet Mondrian and Camillie PissarroThis week we will start the Montmatre art scene special including street art and a sneak peak into the world of Salvador Dali’s art.


Follow up article on Street Art at Montmartre here

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29. March 2019

Art Basel Hong Kong

Opening today, the 2019 edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong welcomes 242 leading galleries from 35 countries and territories.


10. January 2019


The special exhibition presents the idol and myth of an entire epoch - the

actress, singer and style icon Marilyn Monroe

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