21. August 2019

Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair 2019

Jackson Hole Fine Art Fair (JHFAF) is pleased to announce the exhibitors for its inaugural edition, hosted on September 12-15,...


7. August 2019

50 years of BFF in Berlin

BFF turns 50 - Special exhibition

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the BFF - Berufsverband Freie Fotografen und...


Top-News  |   9. April 2019

Street Art Montmartre

Street Art Montmartre

From rotating open air installations to hidden galleries, Montmartre is a city that embraces street art culture and proudly celebrates it. This colourful neighbourhood is renowned for its vibrant walls and range of high profile street artists, with the likes of Jerome Mesnager and Nemo classing up the joint.
Montmartre has important roots in the history of this artistic movement. French artist Blak Le Rat was one of the first street artists in Paris and has been dubbed the godfather of street art. Jef Aérosol is another pioneer of the French street art scene, renowned for his largescale mural ‘Chuuuttt’ in Place Igor Stravinsky next to Centre Pompidou. Today, Montmartre remains a mecca for street art. And while there are plenty of tours you can take, one of the best things to do is try and spot works by your favourite artists or discover new works while wondering the streets of Montmartre. Street art is often placed in obscure or unexpected places, so next time you’re out and about, look up, around or behind you.
With the likes of famous locals such as Invader and Jef Aerosol dolling up their streets, the colourful capital has also attracted other international artists such as ROA and Banksy – and there’s a few masterpieces scattered around the city.
However, it’s perhaps best known for Le MUR – a dedicated wall with a revolving string of internationally acclaimed artists, which is completely redone every two weeks and provides an insight into popular street art movements of the time. It’s also home to a thriving nightlife district, if you’re looking for a party once you’ve gotten your cultural fix.

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24. May 2019

The Life of Salvadore Dali

 If it were not for Gala, today, the world would be without a genius: Dalí would not exist".


1. April 2019

Montmartre Art Scene Speical

Announcement of the Montmartre Art Scene Special

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