4. January 2020

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 2

Viviane Sassen begeistert seit Jahren die Modefotowelt. Auch sie arbeitet in erster Linie mit dem menschlichen Körper, etwa indem...


31. December 2019

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 1

Performance ist eine eigenständige Kunstform, und die Fotografie ist ihr ständiger Begleiter. In dieser Gruppenausstellung werden...


Top-News  |   4. September 2019

Brian Willmont: Mirage Mirage


Brian Willmont: Mirage Mirage

August 13, 2019 (New York, NY) - VICTORI + MO is delighted to announce, Mirage Mirage, an exhibition of new paintings by Brian Willmont. The exhibition, marking his third show and second solo presentation with the gallery, will be on view from September 19th through October 26th, with an opening reception on Thursday, September 19, from 6 to 8pm.

Employing trompe l’oeil techniques, Willmont seamlessly blends abstract and decorative elements with iconic symbolism. Referencing the pop aesthetics associated with commercial airbrush technique, Willmont creates original paintings through a continual process of addition and subtraction, simultaneously informed by repetition, the handmade and the digital. There is a transformation that happens as Willmont alternates between digital renderings and analog processes within a single work.

Primarily concerned with how modern desires--our lusts and romances, obsessions and addictions--are filtered through omnipresent everyday technology, there is seemingly no start nor end to the repetition. Relentlessly experimenting, the surfaces of Willmont's new paintings are layered, his unique visual language resembling a feedback loop, his patterns repeating and ever-changing, paintings within paintings echoing large-scale wallpaper installations.

Influenced by the digital age and our ubiquitous consumption of technology, his flowers, fragmented portraits, butterflies and water droplets are suggestive of the transient nature of lust and longing in a world now dominated by the internet, cell phones, and dating apps.

Blurring the boundaries between commercial and fine art, the contemporary and the historical, digital and analog, Willmont's abstract works question the nature of pictorial representation, proffering a unique commentary on the universal disconnect of the digital age--desire as despair, love as consumerism, simulated perfection masking vulnerability.
About Brian Willmont
Brian Willmont (b. Boston, MA) is an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, New York.  He earned a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and graduated with High Distinction.  Willmont has mounted solo exhibitions at VICTORI + MO (NY), Guerrero Gallery (CA), Driscoll Babcock (NY), Field Projects (NY), LaMontagne Gallery (MA) and others.  His work has been included in group exhibitions at Asya Geisberg (NY), Andrew Edlin (NY), Spring Break Art Show (NY), Allouche Gallery (NY, The Hole (NY), Mrs. Gallery (NY), Steinsland Berliner (NY), County Gallery (FL), Spring Break (NY), Frieze (UK), and many others. Willmont has an upcoming exhibition at the Albany Museum of Art in Albany, Georgia. In addition to his art practice, Willmont runs Greenpoint Terminal Gallery in Brooklyn.

VICTORI + MO is a contemporary art gallery dedicated to developing and presenting emerging artists. Since its inception in 2014, the gallery has been intrinsic to experimentation, working collaboratively with artists to realize novel and ambitious projects outside their typical realm. In addition to nurturing artists and mounting exhibitions, the gallery also functions as a center for rigorous intellectual exchange, hosting dialogues, lectures, and other community activities.

242 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011.

Gallery Hours
Saturday 10 am - 6pm

Gallery Contact

Media Contact Lainya Magaña, A&O PR 347 395 4155

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Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

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Olafur Eliasson: In real life

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