Art Hotel Fuchspalast

Architecture in the style of Fantastic Realism

The hotel Fuchspalast is the first art hotel worldwide designed by the Austrian painter Prof. Ernst Fuchs. The entire architecture and interior have been designed in the style of the Fantastic Realism. Magnificent colors, fancy shapes, a Tiffany glass façade, 500 m2 glass in the interior and an extravagant lead glazing in the main entrance area create an ambience beyond comparison. Located in the peaceful town St. Veit in Austria, the hotel not only offers 60 fully functional guest rooms in various colors but also an exhibition area with a size of nearly 1000 m2. In addition to accommodation, the hotel offers a multimedia exhibition centering on the topic “Renewable Energies” since 2011. The extraordinary and modern design of the new exhibition areas have lately topped off the hotel´s style. The unique forms and creative colors turn the Art Hotel Fuchspalast into a special attraction, especially for art lovers.



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