Emília Horpácsi

Dokumentarische Fotografie

Documentary photography, main focus Art & Culture events, portraits of artists, website design and networking.

The photo journalist Emilia Horpácsi has her photographic eye from her father, who introduced her to the classic photography. Because her recordings enthused, she was soon promoted from renowned photographers. She grew up with horses and took part on the racecourse of Budapest as a jockey at horse races. It is therefore hardly surprising that her artistic focus still is on horse races. Here it is especially exciting for her, that for a successful photo firstly a quick action and secondly a simultaneous design are required.

Due to her love for horse riding she can use the watching of the races parallel as an exercise for her work, because the sports photography plays a major role for her work due to her passion for speed. Through the activities of her mother as a gallerist she got an early insight into the art and the art world. For this reason, her primary enthusiasm and interest obtain to that.

She has succeeded in combining the various components and interests with each other which inspire her. This enables her at social events to catch the protagonists in the interaction and simultaneously detect them in the interplay with her art. So she manages to create snapshots which highlight the essentials in polyphonic compositions. This produces concentrates of information and impressions, which she edits and arranges dramatically in photo spreads. This approach allows her to convey what happens in expiry, the social significance and the artistic value.

Likewise, she knows how to stage even sensitive portraits of artists. Her work focuses on the subsequent action and captures the artist at the same time discreet and emphatic. It is clear that it is her concern to protect the personal dignity of those who get portrayed and yet create authentic images. All these factors give her paintings the unique charisma that they transmit.

The by her designed websites have the same handwriting. Thereby they unfold their effect because they are emotionally appealing, yet designed informative. In addition, she uses the social networks to give the websites a successful presence. So she manages to excite the curiosity of the users through incisions, color change and allusions and thereby guides from the social platforms to her website!


  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/1_c_ehfoto_grafie_2015_halliavenezia__.JPG
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/2_c_ehfoto_grafie_2015_halliavenezia__.JPG
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/3_c_ehfoto_grafie_2015_alfonso_hueppi_artKA__.JPG
    3©ehfoto&grafie_2015_alfonso hüppi_artKA_@
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/8_c_ehfoto_grafie_2014_kuenstlerportrae_markus_wilke__.JPG
    4©ehfoto&grafie_2015_alfonso hüppi_artKA_@
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/9_c_ehfoto_grafie_2014_kuenstler_portrae__.JPG
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  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/19_c_ehfoto_grafie_2014_marbach500__.JPG
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/22_c_ehfoto_grafie_2014_baden-baden__.JPG
    8©ehfoto&grafie_2014_künstlerporträ_markus wilke_@
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/23_c_ehfoto_grafie_2014_baden-baden__.JPG
    9©ehfoto&grafie_2014_künstler porträ_@
  • 10©ehfoto&grafie_2014_openair_reutlingen_@
  • 11©ehfoto&grafie_2104_viktorwienand_reutlingen_@
  • 12©ehfoto&grafie_2014_photokina_@
  • 13©ehfoto&grafie_2014_photokina_@
  • 14©ehfoto&grafie_2014_tübinger vertrag_@
  • 15©ehfoto&grafie_2014_baden-baden_@
  • 16©ehfoto&grafie_2014_baden-baden_@
  • 17©ehfoto&grafie_2013_interboot_friedrichshafen_@
  • 18©ehfoto&grafie_2013_interboot_friedrichshafen_@
  • 19©ehfoto&grafie_2014_marbach500_@
  • 20©ehfoto&grafie_2014_baden-baden_@
  • 21©ehfoto&grafie_2014_marbach500_@
  • 22©ehfoto&grafie_2014_baden-baden_@
  • 23©ehfoto&grafie_2014_baden-baden_@
  • 24©ehfoto&grafie_2015_kunstverein_reutlingen_@
  • 25©kunstvorort_2014_emiliahorpacsi_budapest_@



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