Luisa Albino


In 1978, the Portuguese artist Luisa Albino completed her studies in architecture at the Technical University of Lisbon in Portugal. Since then, she has been working as a freelancer on various projects and is also passionately devoted to her artistic creativity. Already in 1999, Luisa Albino started to paint. Initially she made portrait drawings. Her feelings and emotions often became part of her work. She has her own studio at home, where a large and spacious work place leaves a lot of room for individual development.

Today, many of her paintings are inspired by the places she visited in the course of her life. In all of her works, her emotions can be recognized in many aspects - the colors, the movements, the texture and the dimension. As the artist herself says: "I don't paint what I see, but only what I feel".

She even produces the colors for her artworks herself - with pigments and binders. In many of her works, the Portuguese painter preferably uses soft pastel or oil colors. Even though she specialized in painting, sculptures are also part of her creative works - especially busts and plates.


  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/war.jpg
    "War", 2014. 2,00x2,00, oil and charcoal on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/xisto.jpg
    "Xisto", 2012. 2,00x 2,00, oil on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/alentejo.jpg
    "Alentejo", 2011. 1,63 x 1,14, acrylic and pigments on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/berlenga.jpg
    "Berlenga", 2011. 1,63x 1,14, oil, pigments and pastel on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/fog.jpg
    "Fog", 2014. 1,40x 2,00, oil, pigments and pastel on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/guincho_beach.jpg
    "Guincho Beach", 2014. 1,40x 2,00- oil, pigments and pastel on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/new_york.jpg
    "New York", 2009. 1.30x1.00, oil and pigments on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/oporto_legend.jpg
    "Oporto Legend", 2014. 1,30x1,80, oil, pigments and pastel on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/paris.jpg
    "Paris", 2008. 1,63 x 1,14, acrylic, pigments and pastel on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/se.jpg
    "Sé", 2014. 1,40 x2,00- oil, pastel and charcoal on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/sea.jpg
    "Sea". 90x90, oil and pigments on canvas.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/peace.jpg
    "Peace", 2014. 2,00x2,00, oil pigments and charcoal on canvas.


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