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The Chinese Special Administrative Region Macau is mainly known for its range of gambling temples, casino and gambling dens, since gambling represents the main source of income of the city. This has brought Macau the nickname as the Las Vegas of the East. But not only plunger, fortune hunters and gamblers get their money's worth in Macau.

Macau has plenty to offer also architecturally: the former Portuguese colony combines European baroque influences with Asian tradition. UNESCO has added the historic center of Macao in 2005 to in the world cultural heritages. The old city center is characterized by a peaceful neighborhood, Buddhist pavilions and temples and Christian churches. Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and popular beliefs have influenced the architecture in a unique way.

Macau has a vibrant and diverse art scene. Regular “Artist in Residence” programs and exchanges between artists from Portugal, other European countries and local artists enrich the artistic life of the Chinese peninsula. Creative Macau and the Art for All Society (AFA) are examples of two non-profit organizations that promote and support local artists with the help of grants, and exhibit space.

The Macao Museum of Art is the only art museum in the city. It stretches over five floors. Here is in addition to Chinese calligraphy, painting and porcelain art one floor solely reserved for works that represent Macau. Two more floors provide space for temporary exhibitions.

Sacred art and church treasures are exhibited in the Museum of Sacred Art in the crypt of the former St. Paul's Church and in the Museum of the St. Domingos Church. The exhibitions offer visitors an insight into the missionary activities and demonstrate historical and artistic valuable exhibits from the 16th to the 19th century. Liturgical vestments and vessels, an impressive collection of Sino-Portuguese crucifixes made of ivory, wood and silver can also be admired such as religious paintings and sculptures.

Art galleries complete the offer for art lovers. Halfway between the dog track and the Red Market is the former slaughterhouse Ox Warehouse, which is a contemporary art gallery since 2003. The artists 'group "Old Ladies' House Art Space" organizes regularly exhibitions in there. The Ox Warehouse also supports local artists and offers them a platform to try new things and to present their works to the public.

Another exhibition space for the art and cultural practitioners of Macao's is the 10 Fantasia. The two halls and ten other rooms comprehensive building provides other artists of the region every month. The exhibitions are accompanied by a broad, artistic and creative course program. The Tap Seac Gallery devotes its program to promote the cultural and artistic traditions of Macao and the Exhibition Gallery in the IACM shows changing cultural and art exhibitions.


  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Macao_Arts_Festival.jpg
    Macao Arts Festival
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/07_AA_1864a.jpg
    Macao Arts Festival
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/07_MG_1149a.jpg
    Macao Arts Festival - Illumination of the theater "Dom Pedro V" during the art festival
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/04._Hong_Wai.jpg
    Biennial of the Lions; Hong Wai
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D2.jpg
    A-Ma Temple
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20040903W283c.JPG
    A-Ma Temple
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050504W06.jpg
    Casa Garden
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050516W004a.JPG
    Casa Garden
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D4.jpg
    Dom Pedro V - Illumination during the "Macao Art Festival"
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20040615W043a.jpg
    In the Dom Pedro V is the oldest Western Theater of China.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20041013A038b.jpg
    Even today theater performances are played at the Dom Pedro V.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20030416W018M004.jpg
    Leal Senado
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20020104-014W011.jpg
    Lighthouse - the first western lighthouse on the Chinese coast from 1865 and the Guia Chapel are located inside the Guia Fortress
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20030325W015M010.jpg
    Lighthouse - The Guia Fortress and the chapel and the lighthouse are symbols of Macao's maritime, military and missionary past.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050128W060.jpg
    Lighthouse - colorful frescoes in the vault of the chapel. The Angels of the Christian motifs wear Chinese facial features. A unique blend of Western and Eastern motifs shape language
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050122W019b.JPG
    Lou Kau - The former Chinese mansion, one of the few town houses in classical Chinese style with gray outer walls and magnificent intierior Design is now used for shows and performances.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050122W026b.JPG
    Lou Kau - The decoration inside is a mix of western and eastern elements.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/10D01367.JPG
    Mandarin House - In the second half of the 19th century build residential complex, which is completely preserved and restored.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/10D01375.JPG
    Mandarin House - The traditional building complex includes several courtyards.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D12.jpg
    Mandarin House - Western and Eastern elements form a unique and typical for Macao combination.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D13.jpg
    Mandarin House - Interior
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20040912W047.jpg
    Na Tcha - The traditional Taoist temples dating from 1888 is situated next to the ruins of the former Catholic Church of St. Paul
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1G2.jpg
    Na Tcha - Interior - Macao cityscape reflects the religious freedom and multicultural identity of the city.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20050516W030a.JPG
    Protestant Cemetery - In addition to some employees of the East India Company, and Protestants numerous personalities from the United States and Britain were buried in the cemetery.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20030421W028.JPG
    Robert Ho Tung Library - The even today still used public library was established in the early 20th century.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D7.jpg
    Senate Square - Santa Casa da Misericórdia - the House of Mercy is the oldest charitable organization in China. It was established to serve the widows and orphans of the Portuguese navigators.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D19.jpg
    Senate Square - For many centuries the center of Macao, the Senate Square stands not only architecturally for a peaceful coexistence of different cultures.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1D20.jpg
    Senate Square
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2C29.jpg
    Senate Square - The Senate Square is the social center of the city.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20041104A021b.jpg
    Senate Square - the artful designed floor of the square was performed by Portuguese craftsmen
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20040911W117_01.JPG
    St. Dominic - In the former Dominican monastery, on September 12, 1822 the first Portuguese-language newspaper was published in China.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20030425A039.JPG
    St. Dominic - In the bell tower of the church today the Museum of Sacred Art is housed.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/St._Joseph.jpg
    St. Joseph - the former seminary was founded in 1728 and was the main location for the missionary work in China.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20020624W036a.jpg
    St. Paul - The Ruins of St. Paul are the landmark of Macao.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2B17_01.jpg
    St. Paul - The wooden church burned down in 1835 and only the facade from the 1620s has survived.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2C82.jpg
    St. Paul - Illumination of the facade, which is the symbolic entrance of the city today.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20021011W027.jpg
    St. Paul - The facade is used repeatedly as a backdrop for cultural events and performances.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20021014A015.jpg
    St. Paul - from 1602 to 1640 has the Paul Church been built from Chinese and Japanese craftsmen on the University estate.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/20040913W127a.jpg
    St. Paul - The figure program of Western Catholicism is permeated with Asian forms.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Lou_Lim_Ieok_Garten.jpg
    The Lou Lim Ieok garden in the historic center of Macao is the most Chinese of all gardens in the city.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/_O4I8715.jpg
    Lou Lim Ieok Garden - A curving bridge over a lake with lotus flowers and gold colored Kois therein leads to a pavilion. A legend says that evil spirits can only move in straight lines and so the pavilion can not be reach.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/2_Kulturen.JPG
    Old Town of Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/13B79Q4195.jpg
    Old Town of Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/D1E32.jpg
    Old Town of Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Strasse_der_Glueckseligkeit.JPG
    Street of Happiness in Old Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Strassenszene2.JPG
    Old Town Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1C10.jpg
    Casino Resorts Macao - The Galaxy Macao has five luxury hotels.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/419513203215.jpg
    Macao Casino Resorts
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Grand_Canal_Shoppes_004.jpg
    Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Venetian_Macao_Casino.JPG
    Venetian Macao Casino - view into the playing hall
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/MGM_-_Dali_Sculpture_at_the_Hotel_Grand_Entrance.jpg
    MGM - In front of the Hotel the Dalí sculpture, inside are works of the American glass artist Chihuly
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Robuchon_Au_Dome_Interior_shot.jpg
    Robuchon Au Dome - The restaurant has been awarded with a Michelin star and is located in the dome of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, which has the shape of an opening lotus flower.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/_AA_0025.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/_AN_9996.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao - views over the city from the Macao Tower .
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1E9.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao - The Macao Science Center
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2B7.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao - With 338 meters, the highest bungee jump in the world out of the Macao Tower
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/13B79Q9636.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao - The typical forms of the Grand Lisboa Hotel and the MGM Machau
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/13cotai.jpg
    The modern face out of the Macao - By landfills the islands of Taipa and Coloane are interconnected and connected to Macao. In this newly acquired land, the casino resort is located.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/13Panorama2.jpg
    The modern face of Macao - an artificial lake, which was created by the landfills with the Macao Tower in the background
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/B79Q9511.jpg
    The modern face of Macao
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Blick_von_oben.jpg
    The modern face of Macao - View over the city
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/10D01181.JPG
    Dragon dancers
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1F3.jpg
    "Yueju" - The Cantonese Opera counts to the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1F38.jpg
    "Yueju" - The Cantonese Opera counts to the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1F43.jpg
    "Yueju" - The Cantonese Opera counts to the Intangible Cultural Heritage.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2C151.jpg
    Impression of the annual International Fireworks Display Contest
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D2C154.jpg
    Impression of the annual International Fireworks Display Contest
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/ChineseNewYear_02.jpg
    Chinese New Year in the historic center of Macao - A calligrapher writes blessings for the New Year.
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Drachentanz.jpg
    Traditional Chinese dragon dancers
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/IMG_1915.jpg
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/02_AA_4729a.jpg
    Chinese opera
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/04_AA_1615a.jpg
    Chinese opera
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/08_AA_8603.jpg
    Chinese opera
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/08_AA_8664.jpg
    Chinese opera
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1F37.jpg
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1G13.jpg
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1G19.jpg
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1G20.jpg
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/11D1G26.jpg

Numerous annual festivals and events enrich the cultural life of Macao:

The Chinese New Year, which falls on the first new moon after the 21st of January is also celebrated traditionally in Macao. For most Macanese it is the most important and most colorful Chinese festival. It is a true spectacle and a testimony of foreign culture for European eyes: for 10 days dragon and lion dancers roam through the streets of the city, which are decorated with colorful flowers and lanterns. 2015 is the Year of the Goat in China. Therefore Macanese Artists have designed numerous goat sculptures made of fiberglass, which were then distributed over the entire city.

For already 26 years has the Macao Arts Festival (MAF) been another important highlight. In Macao each year arts and culture are in focus for the entire month of May. Performances, theater and dance performances, musical performances and visual arts inspire the audience and attract artists and art lovers from around the world for one month. In 2015 was the theme of the festival "Enjoy Life through Art".

Between the middle of September and October 1st one can admired the most fleeting of all art forms in the night sky over Macao, which are: fireworks of a very special kind. Pyrotechnicians from all over the world come together at the International Fireworks Display Contest and measure the luminosity of their bangers and the ingenuity of their light-sound choreographies.


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