European Cultural Capital 2015

Mons – European Capital of Culture 2015

Mons – European Capital of Culture 2015

The former stronghold of Belgian coal and steel industry has prepared itself. For four years, new museums and patrician houses have been built and renovated. Furthermore, cultural centers and design hotels have been created. In the 1960s, the provincial capital Mons, 65 kilometers south of Brussels, was still known for the production of coal and steel casting. What followed was the economic downfall of the old industries. Today, not only the culture is flourishing again, but also new industries. Google and Microsoft are located on the outskirts of the city.   

Vincent van Gogh, who studied theology in Brussels, came to Mons in 1878. In “Borinage”, a coal region in poor conditions, he read out the Bible to the miners. The exhibition “van Gogh in Borinage. The birth of an artist” (from January 25th to May 7th) will show why van Gogh decided to end his career as clergy in Mons in order to become an artist. Approximately 70 paintings, drawings and letters are on display at Musée des Beaux Arts.

In 2015, several art and design exhibitions will be organized at the museum of contemporary art, including a retrospective of Jasper Morrison, an English product and furniture designer. In the next twelve months, more than 300 art events will take place.

An enormous installation of Belgian artist Arne Quinze in the center of Mons was supposed to be the symbol of the Capital of Culture. However, the 85 meters long and 16 meters high wooden construction “The Passenger” had to be removed for safety reasons before the opening. Some supporting beams fell down at Christmas. The installation worth 400,000 EURO threatened to collapse.

On January 24th, 2015, Mons will officially start its year as European Capital of Culture with a grand opening ceremony. The former coal and steel city will then be seen from a completely different view.

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