Contemporary Art on Lanzarote

The museum for contemporary art (Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, MIAC) is today located in the fortress San José, which originates from the 18th century. In 1976 the artist César Manrique arranges the conversion of the historical building into a museum. Since then, exhibitions of international artists have taken place there

One of the main contributions Manrique made to the modern areas such as the bar- restaurant, a pleasant and harmonious corner within the fortress where visitors can taste the avant-garde dishes on offer with the coast and the sea in the background over the bay, viewed through a large glass window.

The MIAC Collection started with a close collaboration between the Cabildo of Lanzarote and César Manrique. A selection of artists were brought together to open the First International Visual Arts Competition that opened the museum and the first large group of pieces of the collection.

Among the artists taking part, there were artists whose work reached its peak in the 1960s. Renowned names such as: Tápies, Guerrero, Torner, Zóbel, Sempere, Gordillo, Rivera, Le Parc, Pedro Gonzále. This initial group has grown in the same direction and has included the work of outstanding Canarian artists of avant-garde trends: Óscar Domínguez, Pancho Lasso, Juan Ismael, and also the following generations: Millares, Chirino, Cristino de Ver.

Since 2000, the MIAC Collection has increased with photographic work, counting on the work of authors such as Joel Peter-Witkin, Joseph Beuys and Jürgen Klauke, among others.


  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_tienda_05.jpg
    Copia de Castillo tienda. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_escultura_azotea_02.jpg
    Copia de Castillo escultura azotea. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_sala_exposiciones_01.jpg
    Copia de Castillo sala exposiciones. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_escultura_exterior_01.jpg
    Copia de Castillo escultura exterior. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_sala_exposiciones_02.jpg
    Copia de Castillo sala exposiciones. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Copia_de_Castillo_exterior_detalle_04.jpg
    Copia de Castillo exterior detalle. Photo: MIAC Lanzarote




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daily from 10 am to 8 pm


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