Museum of Teletext Art

A Museum Accessible to Everyone

At the same time as the International Teletext Art Festival begins in Berlin, a museum globally accessible to everyone opens its doors, or better said, its channels: namely the Museum of Teletext Art (MUTA). In order to have a look at the artworks of this museum, visitors don’t have to queue in front of an entrance. They don’t have to lock up their coats and bags and neither do they have to whisper while exchanging opinions about the artworks. Due to the fact that this museum presents artworks on Teletext, the only thing interested people have to do to visit the exhibition is to turn on their televisions. Admittedly, only the Finish audience will be able to actually see the works on television because the teletext page 805 used as showroom is provided by the Finish TV Channel YLE. However, the international audience doesn’t need to book a trip to Helsinki at the next travel agency, even though, the city is always worth a travel. They don’t need to adjust their satellite dish to the direction of Finland either because the Teletext of YLE is also available on the channels website.

The goal of MUTA is not only to broadcast Teletext-Art but also to document and archive it probably. During the opening ceremony, the work of the 8-bit musician and media artist Dragan Espenschied called “Lucky Cat” can be seen.


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