Japan’s Biggest Museum Dedicated to Traditional Art

The Yamatane Museum of Art was Japan’s first museum to specialize in Nihonga, the traditional Japanese art. It opened in July of 1966 in the Kabutocho neighborhood of Tokyo. Its core collection consists of a large group of paintings donated by the museum’s founder, Taneji Yamazaki (1893-1983). Its second director, Tomiji Yamazaki, broadened and deepened the collection and initiating programs to promote Nihonga art.

In 2009, the museum moved to its new home in Hiroo, in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. Acting on the founder’s principle of contributing through art to society and, above all, culture, the mission of the museum is collecting, presenting and interpreting Japanese art through exhibitions and research on modern and contemporary Nihonga. In order to encourage and promote the traditional art form, the museum instituted the Yamatane Museum Art Award which was dedicated to artist from 1971 to 1997.

The Museum displays 5 to 6 exhibitions throughout the year by selecting paintings according to the respective topics. The collection mainly focuses on Kindai Nihonga (Modern Japanese paintings). The Museum also has collections of oil paintings, Japanese print art (ukiyo-e) and Ancient Japanese Calligraphy. The wide variety and the level of the collection has a very high reputation among experts in Japan and the world, in total it consists of over 1800 works including four paintings with the status of Important Cultural Property. They include Hayami Gyoshu’s "Dancing in the Flames", "Falling Camellias", Takeuchi Seiho’s "Tabby Cat" and Tsubaki Chinzan’s "View of Mt. Kuno", and 18 Important Art Objects such as Iwasa Matabei’s "Court Lady Enjoying Wayside Chrisanthemums" and Sakai Houitsu’s "Autumn Plants and Quails"  and other masterpieces.


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    Yamatame Museum of Art
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Okumura_Togyu_Naruto_Maelstroms_Yamatane.jpg
    Okumura Togyu - Naruto Maelstroms
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Murakami_Kagaku_Woman_in_the_nude_Yamatame.png
    Murakami Kagaku - Woman in the nude
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Sakai_Houitsu_Yamatame.jpg
    Sakai Houitsu - Autumn Plants and Quails
  • uploads/tx_jwartsceneentities/Takeuchi_Seiho_Tabby_Cat_Yamatame.jpg
    Takeuchi Seiho - Tabby Cat




opening hours


10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed on mondays.


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