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  • Mr. Doodle Draws On Anything

  • The Dark Knight Rises in Madrid

  • Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors

  • How Art Conservators Clean Paintings

  • Illusion Sculptures Only Appear If You Stand In The Right Spot

  • 365º Whole Project

    Lightbox Art
  • Artist Tyrrell Winston Turns Trash to Fine Art

  • Artist Transforms Bubble Wrap Into An Impressionist Painting

  • Magic

    Making Art Toronto, Jen Mann, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Sean Yoro, Atelier Hawai‘i

  • The Masonry - Art Project

  • Art project «URBAN WINTER 32»

    Contemporary art
  • This 12-Year-Old Has Taken the Art World by Storm

  • OKUDA mural for STADT.WAND.KUNST - Mannheim 2019

    Presented by Montana Cans
  • The Art of Balancing Stones

  • Case Maclaim painting a mural for Stadt Wand Kunst 2019

    "The Pied Piper" - A modern interpretation

  • Artist Profile – Yared Nigussu

    @ The Avenue Gallery
  • The otherworldly art of Kim Keever

    Artist uses water as his canvas and captures it on camera
  • Black Sea : Data Sculpture

    by Refik Anadol
  • Alejandro Plaza - Live Painting Performing Artist

    @ Canvas Miami Gallery
  • 'Liquid Shard' Art Installation Shimmers in LA

    Liquid Shard Footage Set to Classical Music
  • James Coleman: From Disney to Fine Art

  • Hyperrealist Painting by Artist Young-sung Kim

    The best of Young-sung Kim
  • Kinetic Sculpture Installations by David Cerny

    Turning city streets into outdoor museums
  • Dubai Trailer1:19 min

  • Mia Florentine Weiss2:29

    What is your place of protection?
  • Chameleon

    Fine body art by Johannes Stötter
  • Supernova - Art film by Maxim Zhestkov

    Experimental 4K art film
  • 44 White Threads for Portrait Art - DP Truong

    YouTube artist DP Truong creates art using white thread

ON ALL CHANNELS. shows us today's world of art.

With film clips about current exhibitions, special artists, international fairs and local events. Extremely informativ for art enthusiasts, multifacetted and solid – and therefore the ideal platform for artists, experts and galleries.

With a clear focus we broadcast reports, interviews, artist and gallery portraits, report on the art scene of Dubai as well as of the street art of Duisburg and show positions and locations.


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