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  • Building Bridges1:34

    Wiesbaden Art Summer 2014
  • Art Angel Performance at Art Basel Miami 2011:

    If you had wings what would you do? By Mia Florentine Weiss
  • Happy Mother's Day

  • STROKE Art Fair Munich1:39

    30 April - 04 Mai 2014
  • Negresco Art Hotel

  • Hopper Drawing: A Painter's Process

    Trailer zur Ausstellung / trailer to the exhibition
  • Rosaana Velasco


    Video exhibition in Frankfurt contributes to the mutual understa
  • Street Art from Dubai1:14

  • Edward Hopper im Interview mit Brian O'Doherty2:11

    Originalinterview mit deutschen Untertiteln
  • The Artist Project

    young Canadian art fair
  • "Horizont Jawlensky" / Trailer4:04

    Jawlenskys künstlerische Begegnungen im Museum Wiesbaden
  • Weltgrößtes Festival für japanischen Film15:06

  • Emma Allen ready to metamorphose1:15

    upcoming body artist
  • Esprit Montmartre0:53

    The Bohème in Paris around 1900
  • Esprit Montmartre07:11

    Bohemian Life in Paris around 1900 on display in Frankfurt
  • "Traum-Bilder" of the Surrealists4:10

    Wormland foundation promotes exhibition
  • Beltracchi - The art of forgery4:12

    movie about forger of art in cinemas from march 6th
  • 1914. Die Avantgarden im Kampf5:51

    exhibition in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
  • PetArt Auktion28:24

  • Open Doors in Mainz1:07

    upcoming artists present their work

    trend setting art fair
  • KEREN CYTTER in the Double Feature1:55

    israelian film maker in Schirn Frankfurt
  • Art, tiles, culinary5:59

    Pixelkitchen is 1 year old
  • Bi Rongrong - Working Process2:57

    Three Weeks in Three Minutes
  • Joan Costa - Sculpture & Painting0:51

    In the Castillo Hotel Son Vida
  • Fluxus2:27

    or: there is more than one way to “play” the grand piano.
  • Projekt483:30

    Art in court

    SWFC 5th Anniversary Art Project - Shanghai
  • Galerie AM PARK2:32 min

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