Video Fluxus

or: there is more than one way to “play” the grand piano.
Playtime: 2:27

Fluxus is art. Fluxus is music. Fluxus is performance. Fluxus is everything. Fluxus is nothing.

Fluxus is crazy. The FLuxus artists say about their art: “Most important about Fluxus is, that nobody knows what it really is.” But most Fluxus events are experimental, funny or spontaneous and even deliberate provocation has become a stylistic device. The movement found its birth in the late 1950’s in a group around John Cage, Nam June Pike and George Maciunas. The young artists wanted to break with traditions in order to rebel against traditional art, which was bourgeois to them. Art, music, performance and life became one. One central idea was their request, that there should be no such thing as a separation of art and life. The press and the public were outraged by what these artist defined as “art”. The movement’s zenith was in the 1960’s in Wiesbaden, Germany. The name “Fluxus” refers to a magazine titel, George Machunas published in 1960. One the most famous performances in 1962 was “Piano Activities”. The artists “played” a grand piano in an unconventional way with so much passion, that it was completely destroyed after the show.

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