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“The purpose of living is to get the feeling of being part of the bigger picture. So everybody can find the own place and task, to contribute to the welfare and happiness of everybody.” This is just one voice out of 6,000 from 84 countries, as a representative for 7 billion world’s inhabitants. The interview videos are shown classified by themes at Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, Germany, on four huge space-filling screens surrounded by dinosaurs from pre-historical times. The exhibition’s highlight is mosaic film 18 meters in length, which show a vast number of faces with their way of looking at things

All 6,000 interviewees were asked the same 45 questions concerning their fears, dreams, afflictions and hopes. “What did you learn from your parents?,” “What would you like to pass on to your children?,” “What does love mean to you?”. The answers to these basic questions clarify what we have in common and also what sets us apart. The fisherman from Brazil, the shop owner from China or the Afghan famer talk surprisingly open about their lives. The exhibition is a trip around the world and to oneself.

The idea to the video project came from Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The 65 year-old French photo journalist and environmentalist has been working on a portrait of our earth for 10 years. His photo book “Earth from Above” has been sold three million times. When looking at the aerial images, Arthus-Bertrand often felt a lack of something elementary. When being stranded in Mali because of a breakdown of the airplane, a villager talked to him about his fears and dreams. The solution was to give the peoples of the world a voice and a face.

The video portrait of human kind “7 billion Others” has been guest of 13 locations all over the world, amongst them Paris, Rome, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Dakar and Rangun. The video installation is in Germany on display for the first time. The exhibition is on display in Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt until 21 September 2014. uses cookies. Close

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