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Wiesbaden Art Summer 2014
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Starting in May 2014, this year’s Wiesbaden Art Summer, which is hosted by an interest group of different local galleries, is all about “building bridges” (original slogan: “9 Brücken schlagen”). During the past months, nine artists from nine European twin cities have been looking upon Schwalbacher Straße and its surrounding areas to turn their view of Wiesbaden’s main street into one of nine unique works. In addition to exploring the different sculptures in the city center, art lovers can also visit a group exhibition of all the artists involved at Kunsthaus Wiesbaden.

At Faulbrunnenplatz, Turkish artist Nilhan Sesalan from the twin city of Istanbul-Fatih exhibits her work “All Waters of the earth inter(t)wine”. It symbolizes a bridge consisting of two huge bronze water taps linked to each other. In a poem about her work, the artist says: “I drank the water / from the fountain / in my birth house / which we call “old” now / they kiss each other / like a / man and a woman, / day and night, / an endless cycle / motion of life…” For Nilhan Sesalan, words and sculptural expression have always been inseparably linked.

The organizers of the event have deliberately chosen Schwalbacher Straße to be this year’s main venue. At the beginning of the 19th century, Schwalbacher Straße was the border between a bourgeois population on the one side and working-class districts on the other. Today the street is a meeting place for people from many different cultures and stands for ethnic diversity.

The works by Nilhan Sesalan and eight other artists can be seen on both sides of Schwalbacher Straße until July 19. uses cookies. Close

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