Video Art project «URBAN WINTER 32»

Contemporary art

The photos that make up the exposition resemble graphic sketches of coal pencil on white paper - at first glance, it seems to be the result of deep post processing, but this effect was achieved by the authors through experiments with foreshortenings, light and snow, natural background. "Winter sheets" - black and white photographs printed on a large-format canvas. The unbleached walls of the old synagogue spectacularly accentuate the black and white canvases, the high ceiling and the mysterious light from the vast windows of this ancient building add depth and archaic exposure. Live musical improvisation by Mike Kaufman-Portnikov emotionally complements this unique exposition space.The authors try to immerse the viewer in their childhood memories when a mother hangs up her freshly washed clothes in the yard in winter. The «URBAN WINTER 32» art project is an artistic search for authors, experimentation and realization of certain reflections on the environment. The play of shadows and lights on a snowy background, spectacular silhouettes and mystical story finds all inspired the creation of the project. The authors are sure that winter in the urban space only seems dull and gray, in fact, in winter everything becomes more real, as if naked and open to awareness. Winter in the city is a period dominated by colors such as white and black. This is a time when the lack of unnecessary details makes it possible to see new shapes and outlines in a familiar street environment. Actually, this was a challenge for Sashko and Darina - to find and collect unique frames at a time when our eyes are already tired of the monotonous pictures on the street and look forward to the bright spring. Ukraine. Lviv 2019

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