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Video Supernova - Art film by Maxim Zhestkov

Experimental 4K art film

Everything around and inside us was conceived in a huge explosion of a star billions of years ago… and, probably, recycled from other matrices myriad times. In this eternal carousel of matter, particles gather, form complicated structures and then burst into all directions fusing atoms together and producing new elements and points of view, new colours and patterns of perception. Explosions could be perceived as a destructive force and the process of tearing previously formed matter apart and, therefore, could have negative connotations; however, fundamentally, only the process of breaking familiar structures and rearranging them into new, more sophisticated shapes could kindle new meanings and ideas and be the main creative force forming the future. In the art film, we made computer simulations with millions of particles to explore the behaviour and the beauty of the creative force of destruction. The art film was initiated as the title sequence for FITC 2019 / Amsterdam and produced by Zhestkov.Studio. Design, Direction: Maxim Zhestkov. Sound: Maxim Zhestkov. Executive Producer: Igor Sordokhonov. Technical Director: Artur Gadzhiev. uses cookies. Close

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