4. January 2020

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 2

Viviane Sassen begeistert seit Jahren die Modefotowelt. Auch sie arbeitet in erster Linie mit dem menschlichen Körper, etwa indem...


31. December 2019

Body Performance - Ausstellung der Helmut Newton Stiftung - Teil 1

Performance ist eine eigenständige Kunstform, und die Fotografie ist ihr ständiger Begleiter. In dieser Gruppenausstellung werden...


Top-News  |  30. September 2019

Last chance to see the RedBall Project in Rouen

RedBall, Tag 1, photo credit: Jack Sorokin

RedBall, Tag 2, photo credit: Jack Sorokin

RedBall, Tag 3, photo credit: Jack Sorokin

RedBall, Tag 4, photo credit: Jack Sorokin

The red ball wanders across Rouen

The RedBall Project by the U. S. artist Kurt Perschke is a sculptural installation travelling around the world, using cities as the canvas for its objects. Perschke utilises RedBall to explore the unique architectural landscape and history of each city. The city itself becomes the projection surface of the artwork.

RedBall is considered the longest-running street art project and has been to more than 26 cities thus far. Measuring 4.6 metres in diameter and weighing 120 kilos,  the red ball can be seen in Rouen city centre for a 6-day performance until October 2nd.

Thirty events are scheduled from Vernon to Le Havre. RedBall shows a way to portray landscape, the city's customs, its architecture, urban environment, history, collective and deeper memory in a notably provocative way. 

For the festival's opening, Maison de l'Architecture de Normandie - le Forum welcomes Kurt Perschke, the international, American artist of this ephemeral art installation in Rouen.

Kurt Perschke is an artist working in the areas of sculpture, video, collage and public space. His most well-known work RedBall Project is the travelling, public art project, awarded with the National Award for the Arts Public Art Network by Americans and it has been followed avidly by the media.


Friday, September 27th | 161 Rue du Gros Horloge

Saturday, September 28th | Kindarena

Sunday, September 29th | Musee des Beaux-Arts Rouen

Monday September 30th | Porte Guillaume Lion

Tuesday, October 1st | 130 Rue Eau de Robec

Wednesday, October 2nd | Eglise Jeanne d’Arc


Follow the RedBall on Twitter #redballproject


Translation by Julia Holsten

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16. October 2019

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg

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7. October 2019

Olafur Eliasson: In real life

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